Gresia ta bira e promé nashon desaroyá ku ta keda sin paga debe na IMF!

Esaki no mester ta un sorpresa pa niun hende, pasó Gresia a bisa mas ku shen bia ku nan no tin mod’i muri. Djamars tabata ultimo dia ku Gresia por a paga IMF (International Monetary Funds) 1.6 bion euro pa, pero nan no a paga a ni un depchi. Kiko esaki ta nifiká?

Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis  , center, leaves after a meeting of eurogroup finance ministers at the EU LEX building in Brussels on Wednesday, June 24, 2015. With major differences remaining between Greece and its creditors, eurozone finance ministers cut short a meeting on Greece's proposals to avoid a default and planned to meet again Thursday. (AP Photo/Virginia Mayo)Wèl, pa di promé, Gresia ta bira e promé nashon desaroyá ku ta keda sin paga IMF. Pa di dos, IMF lo saka un nota, bisando ku Gresia tin debe atrasá loke nan ta yama “arrears”. Anto e reskate finansiero aktual pa Gresia ta ekspirá.

Esaki lo bai trese algun konsekuensha pa Gresia (ainda mas). Lo bai bira sumamente difísil pa Gresia por fia plaka. Ya komo e tin debenan atrasá na IMF, chèns ta hopi chikí pa IMF bolbe fia nan plaka. Banko Sentral Oropeo i Eurozona tampoko lo fia nan plaka. Pues esaki ta bai kaba di horka bankonan na Gresia.

Dia 20 di Yüli, Gresia mester paga Eurozona 3.5 bion euro. Gresia ta puntrando nan mes si ta ku drachi di kabei di nan sak’i webu Eurozona ke pa nan paga e debe ei. Si Gresia no paga Eurozona pa dia 20 di Yüli, no a sobra masha opshon pa sigui mantené Gresia den e Eurozona!

A Protestor holds a placard with a Greek flag during a demonstration outside of an EU summit in Brussels on Sunday, Oct. 23, 2011. Greece's prime minister George Papandreou is pleading with European leaders in Brussels to act decisively to solve the continent's debt crisis. At a summit Sunday, the leaders are expected to ask banks to accept huge losses on Greek bonds to ease the pressure on the country, and to raise billions more in capital to weather those losses. (AP Photo/Geert Vanden Wijngaert)Awe nan lo mester bai konsiderá petishon di Gresia pa un plan di reskate nobo di 29.1 bion euro. (Di unda e hendenan aki ta saka plaka anto?)  Dia 5 di Yüli lo tin un referèndem pa pueblo vota riba proposishon di e akreedornan internashonal di Gresia, i hopi hende ta bisa ku esaki lo desisivo pa wak si Gresia lo keda den e Eurozona si òf no!

Tene kuenta ku kada bes ku tin e tipo di inseguridatnan aki, balor di Euro ta baha. Pa un motibu òf otro balor di Euro i krudo ta baha simultáneamente. Mi no sa si nan tin un relashon òf korelashon ku otro, pero e komportashon ei mi ta mira si. Awó mi ta puntrando mi mes pa ki motibu gobièrnu di Kòrsou lo a subi gasolin ku 29 sèn. Hmm….

Fuente: BBC

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