CuckooPress is back………with a few changes!

Howdie Cuckoo Followers,

I’m sure you’ve all noticed my absence for about two weeks. After 6 months of writing and publishing articles every day, I had to take a non-paid vacation. (What? Don’t you take vacations too?) But I’m back!!!!

cuckoopress is backIn my absence I noticed a few things I didn’t know:

  1. Apparently people do read what I write every day. (I thought I was alone in here.)
  2. Apparently school kids use my articles for school presentation and projects. (Yep, I was shocked too.)
  3. Even more stunning, students use my articles as topic ideas to write graduation theses. (Can you believe this? It took me six months to find a topic I liked for my thesis. I wish a had a CuckooPress back then!)
  4. People who are not in their best physical health condition use this site to brighten their day and share a laugh or two. (I received messages from people battling cancer who told me that I put a smile on their face every day, and that I can’t imagine how much they appreciate what I do. I’m humbled and I thoroughly moved by this.)

Now, this means that I have to continue with what I started, and make it better. In order to do this I added a few things to make CuckooPress a little bit more interesting:

Ten minutes interview
Are you familiar with the page Humans of New York and Humans of Willemstad? Well, I took the concept and bring my own little twist to it. Here I pick people of my choice and ask them a few questions. The interview will last exactly 10 minutes, and I ask them as much questions as I can. Magazines usually put local celebrities in the spotlight. I believe that everybody deserve a chance to be in the spotlight, because we all may be doing something that makes a difference in the lives of others. The goal here is to get to know deep thoughts of our people a little bit more. My questions are tough….so get ready!

CuckooPress Group
There’s a group on Facebook called CuckooPress Group. It’s a public group, so anybody can join, and receive instant notifications when an article is posted. You can comment, discuss and share opinions with other members. You can also ask questions to other members if you like. There are a few rules though:

  • Members are not allowed to use this group for free advertising! If you want to advertise on CuckooPress, see section Advertising for more info.
  • All members are required to have pictures on their profile, or you will be (r)ejected from the group.

Now you can place ads on CuckooPress website, page and our group. Please refer to the Advertising page for more info!

CuckooPress is a free blog for everyone, however, it takes A LOT of time to write and share articles. If you think my effort has made an impact on you or your life, you can show your gratitude with a contribution so I can continue writing quality content for you to enjoy!

Contribution can be from as low as Fl. 5, – per month (Fl. 60, – a year) and as high as you want (I won’t get mad if you contribute with a million guilders…..I really won’t.)

Students between the age of 12 and 21 can contribute with a minimum of Fl. 1, – per month (Fl. 12 per year). You will have to show a written proof that you are an active student.

You contribution comes with a membership. Click here to sign up. You membership will give you access to premium articles as well as your participation in cool gift raffles that will start soon!

Contributions should be deposited to bank account MCB 1654.03.09. Send a copy (printscreen) to Once the fund is received your membership will be authorized, and you gain access to all contents and automatically participate in periodic raffles!

Click here to read more on why you should become a member!

Information about CuckooPress can be found on Chamber of Commerce (KVK) under registration number: 136211

[Even though blogging costs a lot of time and money, I don’t feel like charging my blog readers to be able to read my content. I want to keep it free for everyone. However, funds are still needed in order to produce and publish quality content, as well as writing and publishing books. Consider making a one-time donation to Lion Spratt as a way to show your support. Click here to learn how. Thank you in advance for your generosity!]

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