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Here’s why I cannot be intimidated by strong, smart and successful women!

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 In this century women surpass men in many areas. More women than men now graduate college with Master Degrees and PhD’s, and many women have higher earnings than their male counterparts.

Multiple studies show that, when asked, men say they prefer dating intelligent and ambitious women. But according to these women, the reality proves otherwise. They say that men are threatened by their ambition, independence and success. Well, oke!

Let me ask you something, and please be honest. Let’s assume you are a very ambitious, strong and successful woman and that I’m interested in dating you. I’m a broke-ass writer making peanuts, while you make shitloads of money. I am fairly content with what I do, and I’m simply not as ambitious as you are. Would you accept dating me, or would you rather date a more ambitious man with more….let’s say….resource potential?

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