Four questions that will help you find your purpose in life!

My psychologist once told me the reason most people come in for therapy is that they don’t know what the fuck they want. (He said “fuck”, not me.) That might be true because living life without a purpose might make you feel kind of blue, therefore feeling pretty unhappy. Luckily for you, there is something that can help.

According to a research in the Journal of Personality, living with a sense of purpose leads to a healthier and happier live. But finding our purpose in life can be a grueling task. Most of us go from an aspiring astronaut to working as a cashier at the supermarket and sometimes that makes you want to jump off a cliff and put an end to your misery. Me for example, I went from being the smartest kid in school, to becoming a broke-ass autistic writer who has no clue how to make it in life.

So to help people like us, the Japanese have created a Four Questions method (called Ikigai—a reason to jump out of bed each morning) to help you find your purpose, and live a happier life. (Funny, cause the Japanese are known to killing themselves. I mean Japan has the highest suicide rate in the whole world. But anyway, I won’t judge.) Your true purpose lies at the intersection of all these four questions. It sounds easy, but it’s not.  I’m going to answer them myself to show you.

1) What do you love?
Well, I love to eat. I really do. I love to eat before and after sex, so probably sex has something to do with it too. So I guess I love to eat and have sex. Yes, that’s my final answer.

2) What are you good at?
Hmm, I can’t say I’m good at sex, but I am good at eating. I’ve never got tired of eating. Some people say that I should become a cook, but I’m not a great cook. I don’t like to cook either. I’m just good at eating.

3) What does the world need you for?
I don’t think the world needs me for a damn thing. Most people don’t even know that I exist. Some people like talking to me though, especially women. They say I’m a good listener.

4) What can you get paid for?
I think eating and sex. But nobody ever paid me to eat, and only gay men offered me money for sex.

So there you go. I just found my purpose in life. According to Ikigai, I should become a homosexual Gigolo!

I hope the questions help you find your true purpose in life better than it helped me.

When you are done finding your purpose in life, would you please buy my books ‘Awa, Habon ku Past’I Djente‘ and ‘Hink’é aden’ so I don’t have to keep searching for another purpose in life? I really don’t want to become a homosexual Gigolo. My ass won’t be able to take it!

By the way, I wonder what’s the purpose of a mosquito. They are nothing but annoying little creates, zooming in my ear and biting my leg while I was trying to write this piece of article for you. I really need to find another purpose in life. Help me please!!!!!!

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