Here’s the reason why men hate using condoms!

First of all, having this discussion with women is pointless. I will more likely win an argument with my dog about him peeing on my car tires than convincing women why wearing condoms for men are effective but pretty undesirable.

So why do we have condoms?
Assuming that you are a well educated person, I can assume you already know what condoms are for. If used correctly, they can provide effective sexual protection against STDs and unwanted pregnancy with a 98% success rate. For men, STDs might not be a concern when they have sex with a steady partner (or any partner for that matter), but they might not be ready or have strong desire for conceiving a child. So if they want to take on the responsibility of protecting themselves against unwanted pregnancy, they unfortunately have only a few options; the Pull-out method, Condoms, Abstinence or Vasectomy. Women on the other hand have different hormonal birth control methods that besides being effective, requires minimum effort. For example, birth control implants, also known as Nexplanon, is a type of “get-it-and-forget-it” birth control method. You implement it once, and you are protected against pregnancy for up to four years. Men still don’t have that many options. The reason for this is because women produce only one or two eggs a month which can easily be shut down. Men on the other hand produce millions of sperm every day. A single ejaculation may contain around 250 million sperm. Even if you manage to get rid of 90% of those soldiers—which already seems like a mission impossible— there would still be around 25 million sperm left to knock somebody up. So that’s why women had to bear with most of the birth control burden. Science and biology left men so far only with condoms and the other non-desirable alternatives.

Aren’t there any other alternatives to condoms?
There is currently (at the time of this writing and that I know of), no other proved and approved method of male birth control for men. There is a birth control shot in the making for men, but the production and study was halted due to side effect complaints by men that are similar to female complaints when they are in their period, which includes mood swings, depression, muscle pain, higher sex drive and acne. (Yeah, we all know men are weak……wait, did they just say higher sex drive? Hmmm, now I wonder where are they conducting this study.)

There are other methods in the making, including a daily gel called Nestorone-Testosterone which is the furthest one along in development. The product reportedly shuts down Gonadotropin hormones responsible for the production of testosterone in the testes. But when you lower testosterone in the testes, testosterone levels in the blood also drop. This leads to nasty side effects like psychological problems and low sex drive among others. The gel in still in development, and we may have to wait not less than a decade for it to reach the market.

Other methods include a male birth control pill (dimethandrolone undecanoate, or DMAU) that appears to be effective when taken twice a day. Longer studies are currently on the way to confirm efficacy and safety since side effects showed weight gain and decrease in HDL “good cholesterol”. Also an injection form of DMAU might be released quicker since it’s hard enough for people to remember to take a pill once every day, let alone twice.

There is also a non-surgical vasectomy procedure that looks promising. In a normal vasectomy, the vas deferens is cut and tied, to prevent sperm from entering the urethra. They say it’s safe and has no major side effect, but that’s nowhere near the truth. The worst side effect is a thing called Post Vasectomy Pain that affects around 30% of men who undergo the procedure, where you would live with a chronic pain in your testes for a big chunk of your life.

The non-surgical procedure called RISUG involves injecting a polymer gel into the vas deferens that blocks the passage of sperm to the urethra. This method is reportedly effective 98% of the time and has no major side effects. It’s also known to be reversible. However, it was discovered by researchers of India, and has no sign to appear in this side of the world anytime soon. Lucky for us, we can take a plane to India. A trip to India is kind of expensive but might save you about 18 years of unwanted fatherhood though.

Back to the question y’all came here for, “Why do men hate condoms?”
With condoms being left as the only reliable and effective method of birth control for the men, it is quite cumbersome and hideous. Besides effective for blocking sperm from going into the female organ, condoms—no matter how thin, rugged and flavored—also blocks pleasure, spontaneity and convenience. Women don’t seem to understand why most men hate wearing condoms, but it’s like paying money to eat a fancy meal with a sandwich bag wrapped around your tongue blocking all your taste buds. Who on earth would “enjoy” doing that?

The most anticipated thing in sex (at least for me) is the change of temperature and the feel that I experience on my penis when it’s inserted inside a warm tight delicious vagina. With a condom, that experience is completely lost. When thrusting in and out a vagina without a condom, you feel a delicious slippery feeling on your penis that causes arousal and pleasure. That feeling is massively reduced with a condom. Of course a man will still ejaculate wearing a condom, but I swear, it’s just like masturbating. You can still manage to get your milk out, but at some point it gets frustrating and you will crave the real thing.

I guess women also experience some level of frustration when you are sexually inactive and only resorting to masturbation for some sexual relief. At some point you will start craving real sex. With condoms it’s the same thing. So if men HAVE to use condoms EVERY TIME they have sex to prevent unwanted pregnancy, trust me, at some point the frustration will get the best of them and they might stick the dick plain in the first wet slippery thing they see—no matter how ugly she is. There’s when problems arrive. Men can become so frustrated that they even might go in unprotected in a hooker’s public domain. It’s quite risky concerning STDs, but as I told you before, men don’t care. They know the hooker won’t come back knocking in his door for child support. Women apparently are not very fond of condoms either, but it’s men have to deal with the additional burden of wearing them.

Another problem is the thing called CAEP (Condom-Associated Erection Problem.) According to research, 28% of all men will lose erection while putting on a condom. Once it’s on, another 20% experience trouble maintaining erection during intercourse. This is mainly due to blood flow being cut off by the rolled-out end of the condom.

Now, here comes the part you will hate:
Many men (and apparently some women) don’t really care for avoiding STDs, but when it comes to pregnancy, they do. Without a condom a man will have a lot less sex if he really wants to avoid unwanted pregnancy. With condoms the man will have to tolerate a less enjoyable sex life filled with frustration. To some men, it is far easier running away from a pregnancy and never look back, than to live his life using condoms EVERY TIME he wants to have sex. I know women will find this coward and mean and heartless etc., but it is what it is. There’s a reason why the world has tons of fatherless children (Not all are for this reason though). I am not saying this to put the blame on women, but when it comes to certain things, men don’t give a damn. To the worlds lament, some men will easily avoid the use of condoms and walking away from a pregnancy, than taking the responsibility to use a condom every time he wants to have sex for pure pleasure. So I wouldn’t suggest you to rely on a man using condoms, if you don’t want to become a single mom. I am so so sorry for this.

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