This is how Chinese men are the simple solution to our “lack of men” problem!

The world’s population has been over seven billion people for seven years already, which according to many people—and I 100% agree with them— is more than what the planet can sustain. China alone is putting a lot more pressure on that. China’s population is at almost 1.5 billion people. This overpopulation caused them to apply a ‘one child per family’ policy which was introduced in 1979. Families who fail to comply with this rule would face huge fines and have to undergo abortions. Sterilization was also forced on the Chinese people.

However, this one-child policy—which was considered the biggest population control experiment in history—started to cause trouble when China began to face an over-graying population which put serious pressure on their labor force. This one-child policy was consequently lifted in 2015 and became a two-child per family policy. However, despite loosening up the one child per family limitation, China still has the lowest fertility rate in the world, due to the fact that many families in China still stuck to one child due to the high cost of childcare, housing and education. (This is the first thing we can start to learn from the Chinese. Especially black people should learn from them, since we have a tendency to procreate without having to means to provide a healthy life and education to our children. “God will provide”, is the stupidest reasoning I hear black people say.)

Photograph: VCG/Getty Images

The Chinese government is quickly realizing that they need to increase the fertility rate mainly to counteract the country’s aging population which is weakening the labor force. China is also facing a huge gender imbalance. Unlike Curacao’s population, China’s population stands at 30 million more men than women. Increasing the child per family limitation is going to cause a strain on both China and the World’s population, so that’s not a good option.

Perhaps we should help China out and open our borders for more Chinese men. We can definitely import some men from China, since Curacao’s population is at least 30 thousand men short.  I heard Chinese men are quite monogamous and very good in business. They can be a little bit nasty and prone to involve in illegal acts for business purposes, but I’m sure we can educate them. This would also create the possibility for our black women to become a little bit more creative with the names for their offspring.

I’m already foreseeing names like: D’ShawnHua Ming Wong, Faishanaree-Lin Yang-Chong, Huan-Lee-Son Martina, Li-Ming Lai-Queendra de Palm and Wakandrion-ChingHo Wawoe

Another great advantage is that these Chinese men would be able to teach Mandarin to our people, so we can finally read the Chinese written manuals of all the products we buy that labeled “Made in China”.

Hink’é aden, available for sale at Mensing’s Caminada

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