The voice behind the ‘Yanny or Laurel’ debate finally reveals what he actually said!

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It became such a heated debate on Internet, Television, Radio shows, and pretty much all other media channels. It seemed to me like another “what color is the dress?” viral thingie. When I heard the clip I clearly heard what the voice said, but many people heard something completely different which led me to believe that many people have a hearing problem.

So what is the voice really saying?
Actor Jay Aubrey Jones told the NBC in an interview that he barely recognized his own voice in the recording. “I’m completely and utterly floored by this, I’m really amused…every so often I’m laughing”, he said.

Listen to the clip one more time before we reveal the truth…listen to it carefully:

What Jones actually said was—hold tight, for you’re not going to believe this—‘Hink’é aden’, which is my latest book that’s coming out this Sunday May 27th. For only 50 bucks you can get yours. Just come by at Hotel Trupial Inn between 2 and 5 PM and I’ll give you the best humor book ever written!

I know, I was just as shocked by you to realize that my book’s name has been going around all over the internet for the past few days. I just realized that I’m famous. I am so going to be a millionaire. After I cash in all my money I’m going to buy a big house on a deserted island far away from everyone, four sport cars and helicopter.

Okay, let me come back to earth…..555

What the actor Jay Aubrey said during the clip, and Jones confirmed this during the interview, was the word “Laurel”. He explained that the clip was from a 10 year old recording for which is a website to help students in learning new words. I don’t know why they should learn the word “Laurel”, or who the hell is Laurel, but that’s how it is.

Image: NBC New York

Experts explain that people may hear two different words due to the frequency of the sound which is captured differently by our brains. Even President of the United States was caught up in this debate. What a way to waste presidential time, isn’t it. I wonder if he would grab Laurel by the pussy too if he knew her. Hmmm

Anyway, there you have it. Those who were convinced that the word was Yannie, y’all should change your brain frequency. It’s capturing the wrong signals. LOL

But hey, ‘Hink’é aden’ (Put it in) is still pretty close to Laurel too, so…yeah. I’m going with ‘HInk’é aden.

Source: Mirror

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