Here is the truth behind ‘Déjà vu’ (It will blow your mind!)

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 Whenever people want you to read or watch something, they say it will blow your mind. I find that very stupid. You know why? Because I don’t want my mind blown. The thing I want blown, is something else. Anyway….let’s talk about the truth behind ‘déjà vu’, shall we?

Most people believe that “déjà vu”—which is French for “already seen”—is the same thing happening all over again. Therefore some people think they have some kind of supernatural power or that it is a memory from a past life. (Yeah, that would be creepy.)

Now, I don’t believe in unicorns or flying pigs. I believe in what can be tested and proven scientifically. I always thought that ‘déjà vu is nothing but a mind trick, leading you to believe that you are experiencing something that has already happened (in an earlier life), or looking at something that you have already seen, while being in a place that you’ve never been before! While studying hypnotism, I found out that our mind sometimes records happenings crispy clear, but sometimes it also deletes and distorts information, reason why recalled data can sometimes be “kinda” inaccurate.

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A cognitive psychologist Dr. Anne Cleary says that if déjà vu is like a real premonition of the future (or even a lost memory of a real event), then you should be able to make testable predictions. Dr. Cleary has been studying déjà vu for a while, and has been able to recreate the déjà vu feeling in a lab setting by creating scenes that are laid out identically, but with different scenery — for example a retail store arranged just like a bedroom you’ve already seen, but with a clothing display placed where the bed used to be. They tested around 298 volunteers out by triggering ‘déjà vu’ feelings in them, and then requesting them to make predictions of what would happen next of something they think they have seen before. Half of the volunteers got struck by the ‘déjà vu’ feeling, but couldn’t make accurate prediction of that final turn. Even though, their memory was telling them “this is something I’ve seen before”, yet the memory isn’t vivid enough to give any useful information about it. The ones who did remember something better than others couldn’t make accurate predictions.  Thus results show that déjà vu is nothing but an illusion, leading people to think mystic paranormal creepy scary stuff.

People look for explanations of unexplainable things everywhere, and when they can’t explain it logically, they seek explanations they can believe in but that usually cannot be tested or proven!

The study has been published in  the journal Psychological Science last month. Since I know you are not going to read the research paper—plus you also have to pay $35 dollars to read it—, you can watch the video here below, where she presented her study findings. It’s a TEDtalk given by Dr. Cleary explaining everything about what she found out about Déjà vu. It’s only 13 minutes and it’s free. Just watch it. You ain’t got much to do today anyway!

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