Here’s why shootings in US will soon be more common than women engaging in threesomes.

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 Many people have very high views of the United States and would surprisingly feel safer shopping in US than sleeping in bed next to Kim Jong Un. While you may feel unsafe to walk in the streets of any underdeveloped country, yet pretty safe to vacation and ‘shop till you drop’ in United States, allow me to give you a change of perspective.

We are only in the 2nd month of the year and America has seen its 18th school shooting in 2018. (Well not all of them were mass shootings and not all of them ended with any physical injuries, but shootings are shootings.) In eight years there have been more than 200 school shootings with around 400 people being shot. In 2017 alone 590 people died in a 346 mass shootings in US according to Gun Violence Archive. No other developed country in the world has anywhere near the same rate of gun violence as America.

The US has by far the highest number of privately owned guns in the world. In 2007 the estimated number of civilian-owned firearms in the US was 89 guns per 100 people. With a rate of 55 guns per 100 people, not even Yemen can beat the Americans in their gun fetish. Americans hold 42% of the world’s privately held firearms. Now to keep it honest, it does not mean that every American has a gun. The ownership is concentrated among a minority of the US population, but the guns are out there.

Despite attempts to restrict gun rights, it’s pretty easy for anyone to get access to a firearm in the US. It is actually easier for me to buy an AK-47 in the US then to find a hot date on a Saturday night. People may not believe it, but this is a big fucking problem. (I mean the fact that I can’t find a hot date on Saturday night is a big fucking problem. But the gun thingy is also a problem of course.) So where is the problem exactly? (I mean with the guns, not with me finding a date. Focus on the issue man!)

The United States has this 2nd Amendment to the constitution that protects the right of the people to keep and bear firearms and has been adopted since 1791. Yes, this is probably before they invented sick bullet-spitting machine guns that can kill 2000 people in less time that I can make a woman climax. Only one gun control legislation has been passed since 2007 and that was the law improving the national background check system, making it more rigorous. However, the shooter who killed 17 people at the High School in Parkland Florida actually passed the background check before he bought an AR-15.


Now, please help me understand. Why on earth would a civilian—a white civilian to be exact—need such a big-ass weapon? To kill highly reproductive rats at home? On top of that, the shooter just had made a YouTube video saying that he will become a professional school shooter one day. (I know, white people stuff.) This video was reported to the FBI, but it apparently didn’t raise any concern. But they would call the SWAT team for an unarmed black guy walking with a hoodie in the streets of West Virginia. God Bless America right?

Till today no president has been able to effectively do anything regarding gun control. When a lot of black people were being killed like hunters shooting down hungry rabbits, Obama signed 23 executive actions tightening the background checks including limiting access for people with mental health issues to firearms. If I’m not mistaken Donald Trump had this revoked in a procedure called Congressional Review Act. Obama couldn’t get congress to do anything regarding gun control, so has and will no other president. Trump certainly won’t, if you were thinking about that. He only promised to make schools more secure and tackle mental health issues. I mean what is he going to do? Build a wall around every school and give very awkward handshakes to mentally-ill people to show them support?

The problem is not congress (perhaps), but
1. Americans who tend to support that 2nd Amendment. Whenever a tragedy like a mass shooting happens, you will see people citing the profound romantic saying “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people”. Apparently it’s more important for these Americans to have the right to legally own a weapon, than to have health insurance.

2. The NRA (National Rifle Association) which apparently has more power over any lawmakers in the US. The NRA provides substantial financial contributions to get their congress members elected therefore buying power over them.The NRA so far had killed all legislation that opposed that 2nd amendment right, probably for money reasons. Gun and ammunition manufacturers had revenues of $13.3bn and profits of $1bn in 2017. So it’s understandable why they would want more Americans to be able to buy a gun, even at a flower shop on Valentine’s day, especially weapons that look like you’re about to fight the Chinese Army. Someone actually took a screenshot of a retweet where the NRA was promoting people to buy guns for your significant other as a valentine gift. The tweet was later deleted after the Florida school shooting.

So far no lawmaker in congress, neither republican nor democrat has had—and perhaps will ever—have to guts to repeal the ancient 2nd amendment that the NRA hold very dearly to their heart. It’s like me trying to stop women to get boobs and booty implants!

So we better get used to hear mass shooting news because it will very likely happen more often than me watching interracial porn therefore becoming more common than women engaging in threesomes.

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