Yes! Sex can kill you, unless……..

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 There are (I think) two ways your heart can malfunction and cause you to die. There is cardiac arrest, and there is heart attack. Cardiac arrest happens when the heart malfunctions and suddenly stops beating. In Papiamentu we say “E kurason a strike”. It causes someone to fall unconscious and stop breathing. Unless Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation or defibrillation (CPR) is rapidly given to this person, the person will die. In Papiamentu we say “kapush”. Heart attack is different. Heart attack happens when blood flow to the heart is blocked.

Now, I am a layman in this field, so when someone dies from a heart malfunction, I wouldn’t be able to tell if it was a cardiac arrest or heart attack. I just see the person going turning red and “kapush”. (Unless CPR is performed immediately on this person.)

I was reading this article, and they say that you are unlikely to die from a cardiac arrest during sex. That’s because in a study conducted in Belgium, they found that only 34 out of 4557 examined cardiac arrests happened during or one hour after sexual intercourse. So they say it’s unlikely for sex to trigger cardiac arrest. However, it can trigger heart attack though.

As cool as this information may be, it is kinda useless to me. Because both of them means “I am going kapush during sex”

Nevertheless, the articles emphasizes on the importance for each and every one of us to learn how to properly perform CPR. This is because:

►Almost 90% of people who suffer an “out of hospital cardiac arrest” dies. Every minute without CPR reduces the survival chance of the victim by 10%.

►CPR performed within the first few minutes of a cardiac arrest can double or even triple the victim’s survival chance.

It is unnecessary to give CPR to a person who got a heart attack, unless the heart attack becomes a cardiac arrest. (Wait what? Yes, a heart attack victim can go into a cardiac arrest, go unconscious and show no signs of breathing, therefore “kapush”. You should perform CPR to keep blood circulating while you are waiting for the ambulance. I assumed you called the ambulance already. If not, what the hell are you waiting for? Call the ambulance quick. Now… it now!)

Even though unlikely, males are more likely to suffer from a cardiac arrest during or after sex. (With the drought of men we are experiencing in Curaçao, can we really afford this?)

Even though sex can trigger heart attacks, this is also unlikely to happen too. The chances of this happening according to research are negligible. They say you are more likely to suffer a heart malfunction from drinking a cup of coffee and going “kapush” or getting angry in traffic, raising your blood pressure and also going “kapush”.

So if you are unlikely to die from both a heart attack and cardiac arrest, why the hell did I write this article? Well, because it’s fun to say “kapush”. Really, try it—KAPUSSSSH! See?

I also wanted to remind you that I am working hard on my next book called “Hink’é aden!”, and of course I wouldn’t want you to go “KAPUSH” from a heart malfunction while reading the book. So, while I’m busy, learn how to do CPR!

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Source: BBC

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