Facebook might be planning to own the world and it’s quite scary. Here’s why!

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 Disclaimer: first of all, I got nothing against Facebook. I’m an avid Facebook user, I have a Facebook profile, Facebook page and I’ve met tons of friends, girlfriends and hook-ups on Facebook. I have absolutely nothing against Mark Zuckerberg. So if you’re reading this Mr. Zuckerberg, I think you are one of the greatest minds of the century with your quirky curly nerdy hair and cute innocent face. I’m not kissing your ass, I’m just being friendly. (However, if you want me to take down this article from my website, just give me about a million dollars I would lick, kiss, suck, finger and do whatever you want to your ass plus take the article down. It’s not bribery by the way…… just saying.)

With that being said, Zuckerberg is displaying an Adolf Hitler-like behavior (trying to conquer the world only in a passive/peaceful way) and is making everybody live, eat, sleep and breathe Facebook.

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We can all agree that most people spend a lot of time on their mobile devices which are packed with different mobile apps. Most devices come with popular apps already installed on them, so if you have an account, you just need to login one time, and you’re all set. Most of these apps that you use on a daily base are either owned by Facebook or Google.

First of all, it’s hard to find the actual amount of users all these apps have worldwide, but DreamgGrow did a pretty good job compiling information from different sources and they also seem to update them regularly, since the number of users changes every day. However, they only display the amount of users of the most used Social Networking Apps, and omitted other mobile apps. So I’ll try to make my own list based on what I’ve compiled:

 Here are 15 of the most popular mobile apps with the amount of users worldwide in 2017:

  Mobile App Number of users in millions Owned by:
1 Facebook 2100 Facebook
2 Youtube 1500 Google
3 WhatsApp 1300 Facebook
4 Facebook Messenger 1200 Facebook
5 Google Search 1000 Google est.
6 Google Maps 1000 Google est.
7 GooglePlay 1000 Google est.
8 Gmail 1000 Google est.
9 WeChat 938 Tencent (China)
10 QQ Chat 861 Tencent (China)
11 Instagram 800 Facebook
12 Q Zone 652 Tencent (China)
13 Twitter 328 Twitter Inc.
14 Reddit 250 Reddit Inc.
15 Snapchat 200 Snap Inc.

As you can see, Facebook owns three of the biggest Social Media apps in the top 10 most used apps. You might be saying “So what? Google owns more”. I agree. There isn’t much difference in these two tech giants. However, for some reason it is Facebook that is scaring me. Did I hear you say why? Well, I’m glad you ask. I’ll tell you why….

Silence for a second……cracking fingers, getting ready to write.


Still silence………….

Silence getting awkward (Wait……I’m thinking….shhttt)


Oke, here we go. Do you remember a while ago when everybody was using Blackberry messaging service? I was the only one without a BB Ping. I felt lonely and excluded from all social circles, since I was one of the few people with (still) a Nokia phone running on Symbian OS that had something called WhatsApp on it. I had literally no friends on my list (and in real life). WhatsApp had this Siri-type of assistant that you could chat with. That robot was my only contact and friend on WhatsApp (and in real life). After Blackberry began to drop in its popularity, people started to buy smart phones running Google Android, and then they had to switch to WhatsApp Messenger. I finally got some friends, (although some people kept stubbornly trying to hold on to their BBM on android.) Anyway, Facebook took notice of the increasing popularity of WhatsApp and they bought the service for 19 freaking billion dollars in 2014. Before this acquisition by Facebook, WhatsApp had a $0.99 subscription fee. Facebook scrapped this, and now WhatsApp is totally free, with no ads, no nothing. Pretty awesome huh?

But how do they make money with it? The correct answer is—they don’t, yet! Zuckerberg explained that they acquired the service in their attempt to make the world more open, social, connected and a whole lot of crap. (Well, we are more connected, but nowhere near open or social.) Facebook probably bought WhatsApp to consolidate the messaging market, probably in order to own all share of the messaging market. How exactly would this translate to revenue is yet to be seen. Zuckerberg did explain that the goal with WhatsApp would be to have people communicating directly with banks, airlines etc., over the app—and they would ultimately charge the company through subscriptions.

Nevertheless, even though WhatsApp is not really monetized, Facebook gains access through this service to a ton of personal information – all uploaded and saved on its servers. They can subsequently use this information to sell Facebook ads.

In addition, WeChat is a Chinese version of WhatsApp with a little over 900 million users. They do sell ads and other stuff, and Tencent announced a total revenue of 21 freaking billion dollars in 2016. Imagine what WhatsApp could generate with over 1.3 billion users.

Facebook also bought Instagram—a social and video sharing social platform— in 2012 for I think 1 billion dollars as it was growing in popularity. According to eMarketer, Instagram’s ad revenue will reach 2.81 billion dollars worldwide in 2017. (This is only 10 percent of Facebook’s Global Ad revenues. And you were questioning me for offering him an ass-lick?)

In 2013, Facebook made some attempts to buy Snapchat by offering them 3 billion dollars. It’s unclear whether they were trying to attack the issue of excessive teenage engagement to these social apps, or if they just wanted to make more money. The owners of the messaging service in any case declined, and now Snapchat is worth 19 billion dollars. (Yes, I would gladly lick their asses too.)

As if this wasn’t enough, Facebook just bought the anonymous teen compliment app called ‘tbh’ (too be honest) for an undisclosed amount (although according to TechCrunch it was for less than $100 million). This app encourages teens to be nice to each other. It was increasing in popularity quite rapidly with over 5 million downloads in just nine weeks of its launch. Facebook believes it will soon go viral and become the next hit. (I guess we will soon see how Zuckerberg plans to address the issue of excessive teenage engagement to social apps.)

Besides this, Facebook is also trying to connect the world (especially third world countries) with their own internet using drones.

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So what is Facebook doing here? Are they trying to conquer the world the way Adolf Hitler did, only in a much passive and peaceful way? ‘Je ne sais pas’. What I do know is that it’s quite impossible to avoid Facebook—and if you do, you are probably missing out on a lot. Currently if you don’t use their services, it might be hard to advertise your business in an effective and inexpensive way. They are literally everywhere. Facebook is trying to build like a ‘Playboy mansion’ empire and are trying to have everybody within the walls of these empire,  with complete control of everything you do— just like Hugh Hefner did with the Playboy girls who lived in his mansion. Facebook might become so powerful (think of the Illumati group back in 1400) that they will be able to decide who makes it in this world and who don’t. Say for example (somehow) you become Zuckerberg’s nemesis. How would you be able to keep in touch with your friends if the most popular social services are owned by Facebook? How would you be able to thrive with a business if they control all advertisement you place one of their platforms? You still don’t think it’s pretty scary?

On a more extreme thinking here, what if Zuckerberg happen to be involved in Harvey Weinstein-like scandal or any other controversial news? He would be able to filter our all negative news about him or his companies. Now that is absolute (scary) power!

(This article contains data valid for October 2017 and will not be updated. I ain’t got time for that!)

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