Life just happens! Are you going to live it?

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 I know a couple who have been living together as a family for about 20 years. I asked her how they met and she succinctly responded: “we met on a island and later hooked up in a hotel. We started having sexual encounters and 20 years later, here we are.”

I often times ask people when was their happiest moments in life, and they instantly respond when their child or children were born. When asked, about another happy moment in their life except when their children were born, they have to think for a while. When I think about mine, I realize that my happiest days in life were not planned. It just happened. I met someone, we hooked up, and she gave me the happiest days of my life, and also a lot of good stories to write about.

I think we spend an awful lot of time planning our life, only to discover later that life doesn’t care about our plans. It just happens….

I bet the teachers of Bill Gates still can’t believe how he became the richest man in the world when he dropped out of school.

I bet the world still can’t swallow the fact that Donald Trump became the stupidest man to be elected as President of the United States.

I bet Barack Obama never thought that being highly in debt could have landed him a date with Michelle, who was an advisor and his mentor at a law firm in Chicago.

I bet many people still can’t believe how Hugh Hefner—who died being 91 years old— outlived many people leading a pretty lavish and scandalous life. Hefner allegedly had sex with more than 1000 women during his lifetime, and was unbelievably popping Viagra like they were tropical Skittles.

Hugh Hefner with some of his girlfriends. The lucky bastard—Getty Images.

I bet Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) never thought he could conquer the world and become a millionaire with only 15 episodes of comedy without speaking a single world. This despite the fact that he didn’t have any prior experience in screenwriting or acting.

I know Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee never thought that the song Despacito would become a massive hit despite being in a language that most people don’t understand. They certainly did not expect for Justin Bieber to do a remix of the song that propelled the song in becoming the world’s biggest hit. It just happened.

I bet a lot of people didn’t expect to be where they are right now. Life just happens, no matter how you meticulously plan or fantasize it.

But I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that life is nowhere near fair. Some people make it, others don’t. I never in a million years thought I would be a writer. It just happened. But I don’t know if I will ever make it as a well-accomplished writer. Perhaps my success lies in the stripper’s business. Who knows?

I’m not saying I’m planning on becoming a male stripper —I am trying to make a point here— life just happens. I am not saying you can or cannot book me as a stripper either. All I am saying is, that if you happen to need a stripper, we can arrange something. (See how you are causing me to go astray here? Life just happens…..)

Believe me or not, this all came to my mind when I was studying the picture below, while I was planning on writing something about threesomes and orgy’s. There is absolute no correlation between them whatsoever, but it does prove my point once again: Life just happens. Don’t reject it, live it!

To the owner of this picture: I don’t remember where I saw it, nor do I know who owns to copyright to it. If you are seeing this picture, and you own the copyright to it, please let me know without filing a lawsuit against me.

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