Take being single to the next level—Marry yourself!

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 Do you want to know why my ex girlfriend broke up with me? I wasn’t ready for marriage. That’s the only reason. Can you believe her?

You see, marriage apparently was her ultimate dream. Like a fairytale that she was determined to make a reality. She left her previous boyfriend for the same reason before she got with me. But she told me there’s no hurry. That she can wait. Well, as it turns out, she couldn’t.

I promised her that we would get married some day, but when I’m ready. She kept asking me when I would propose, and I said “just wait”. She asked “how much?” I said “The more you insist, the more you have to wait.”

Well, little did I know that she would take matters into her own hands. She broke up with me, went to a jewelry store, got her an engagement ring, proposed to herself, and she married herself.

My ex girlfriend broke up with me, and ended up marrying herself.

When I heard about this, I thought she would be instantly admitted into the Guinness book of records for the first crazy women to marry herself, but no. As it turns out, self marriage is a “thing” now.

Not just a “thing”. There is even a business in the in the United States that sells “self marriage kits” for people who want to marry themselves. (In case you are skeptical, just visit the website “I married me” and check it out for yourself.) There’s also a business in Japan that offers bridal ceremony for single women. You might be thinking that only women would do crazy stuff like this right? Well you couldn’t be more wrong because men do it too. Actually it was a male who started with this spectacle. I really wonder why….

So, we have to accept that we live in an era where people are marrying themselves now. It is apparently a trend dubbed as “Sologamy”, and proponents of this anomaly claims that it’s all about self acceptance and self love.

Well, we have self-esteem, self-care, self-service, self-acceptance, self-love, self-ie and now we have self-marriage too. Out of all those self-acts, I only do self-sex, and I’m bored of that already.

I bet that when the ceremony is over, they self-check into a hotel room, and self-hump themselves all night long.

Of course, I’m an open-minded person, and if you want to marry yourself, go ahead. My ex did it, so I don’t see a reason why you can’t do it too. I am thinking about starting a business to help single women consummate their self-marriage though. That means that they marry themselves, and I give them a great honeymoon. Great idea right?

Source: Italian woman marries herself- BBC

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