10 things men do to impress women that just don’t work!

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 I’ve been discussing with some women about things men do to impress them to find out how they feel about these things. Some of the things men do to impress woman seem utterly ridiculous to me, but I wanted to find out whether they are being impressed or disgusted by certain behaviors men display. I found out some interesting things, that I want to address with the guys. Hopefully you’ll learn something.

Here are some of the things men to do impress girls that according to women, they just don’t work:

impress 11. Sending dick pictures.
Apparently men send pictures of their dick to women, in the hope that she will be impressed and heavily attracted to him just by looking at his dick. So they think that their dick will miraculously increase their chances of getting laid.

But here’s the thing. Your dick picture will only work if there’s some kind of chemistry between you and the girl, and/or if you two have already had sex. Otherwise, it just doesn’t work. The dick on its own is like phone cover without the phone.

If you want to send a sexy picture, send a picture of your whole body maybe in a boxer or something. Don’t make it creepy though. Women just don’t like to look at your dick, no matter the size or shape.

Another thing….women will zoom on that picture to see what kind of diseases you may have. Next time, you might want to pay your doctor a visit before you take a picture of your dick because I’ve seen some dick pics going around that looks that they’ve been in third street heroin addicted hooker’s pussy. (Yes, women share those pictures.)

2. Bragging and showing off
Do you know what turns off a woman faster than a speeding bullet? That’s right. You bragging and showing off every five minutes about yourself. A lot of men like to brag about their job, on how much money they make, fancy and expensive clothes they wear, car(s) that they got, muscles they have, how much they can drink without throwing up etc. And some guys are slick. They brag on the down low. They act like they don’t brag, but everybody can see that they are showing off. I don’t know if women get it, but if the girl is smart, she will get it, and she won’t like it. If you find that it works, I got news for you buddy, you are attracting golddiggers.

Even if you’re smart, don’t brag on how smart you are. If she thinks that your bragging is sexy, that means she’s not very bright herself. Smart girls don’t fall for that.

You should try humbleness though…..that is sexy in a guy, even to me!

3. Telling on how many women you’ve slept with
This is still bragging, but I wanted to deal with it separately. How exactly do you think this works for you? You actually think that a lot of mileage on your dick would work to your advantage? You probably think that any men who have slept with a lot of women would know how to give great sexual experience right? Have you ever thought that sex is not the main thing for a woman? Like….I know it can be a main thing for you, but if you want to impress someone with your sexual prowess, do that with a guy. Yes, a homosexual guy. Trust me, they will fall head over heels for you. And yes, you can send them dick pics too. They will love it.

Oh, and please stop saying that you slept with women you haven’t slept with. That’s just lame.

4. Calling sweet names all the damn time.
This one is tricky, because women do it too, but in my next book ‘Niun Pátaka’ I will show you how too much of anything will work in the exact opposite way.

Calling someone constantly “sexy, baby, beautiful” etc can be quite annoying. Sure you can use sweet names, but don’t overdo it. Instead, make each one of them count. Overdoing them, will just make them lose their value.

And doing it with someone you are not even in a relationship with….hmm, how has that been working out for you? Me personally, I hate being called out like “dushi this, dushi that, dushi dushi dushi”, ahh…please!

5. Showing that ‘alpha’ behavior
This is also bragging to me. The thing is that stupid women fall for it and/or find it sexy, but I strongly believe most women don’t like a man flaunting their strength to prove their masculinity.

This also goes for men who impose their thoughts and beliefs on other people, like they want everybody to think exactly as they think, because they consider themselves to be the next Lord of the know-it-all island.

6. Hating on homo’s
This one is actually funny to me. Some men hate on homo’s to impress women, thinking that it will project more masculinity, insensitivity, and that they are pussy-hunting straight men. Please allow me to enlighten you again. You will impress a lot more women if you do show compassion, your sensitive side, and a more mature behavior. Actually….hating on homo’s only shows that you might be some homosexual yourself, but you don’t want to accept it. Honestly…you should read my next book ‘Niun Pátaka’. After you’re done with it, hopefully you will stop doing that.

7. Bad-mounting women
Uhh….so, like I said many times, most women are insecure about their physical appearance. You tell me, what good does it do to you, to make fun of other women’s physical appearance in attempt to be funny amidst your social peers? Also, sexism doesn’t give you any extra points. Saying things like “women are bad at this, women shouldn’t be allowed to do that, women are crazy etc”, it surely won’t get you laid.

8. Pumping it up at the gym
I’ve been to the gym only once in my life, because I don’t like it. Guys screaming and grunting every time there’s a woman in their presence, and posing in front of mirrors each time they do a press…come on dude. If that doesn’t impress me, I hardly think it would impress any woman.

9. I’m a nice guy….I’m a good guy
Claiming to be a nice and good guy is actually not your job. Nobody on this whole planet will believe you when you say it yourself. Let others do that for you. You just sit quiet and…at least try to look smart.

10. Drifting cars and motorcycles
Oke…some women do like reckless driving, drifting with cars and mad motorcycle skills. Yes, some women would be impressed by that. I’m not sure why. It’s not like a good drifter would be a good father  or a faithful husband. But truth is women like those things which probably projects testosterone level. (You should read ‘Kibra Hacha’ to understand this.) Nevertheless, any women who falls for stupid crazy stunts, is unlikely to be very bright.

I mean, why on earth would she be impressed with your reckless driving? So you can wreck her pretty face and ruin her whole life in an accident?

impress 2Let me close it down here. I hope I taught you something new. And please….try to impress with kindness, humbleness and your intellect. If you can’t do that, that it might be a good idea to quit hating on the homosexual guys since they will be your only chance for getting laid this weekend!

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