Here’s what I think about a Facebook ‘dislike’ button that people has been asking for!

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Facebook announced on Tuesday that they are making something like a ‘dislike’ button so you can express when you don’t like a post or something like that. According to Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the ‘like’ button isn’t always appropriate for some posts, for example a tragic news or event. Sometimes people want something beyond a ‘like’ button.

However he dismissed the idea of calling it ‘dislike’. It’s more like something to show empathy for a closed one that has passed away for example or a post of a natural disaster.

Facebook dislike 2But why do people want that ‘dislike’ button so much? A ‘dislike’ button is not exactly a bad idea. I mean, sure it’s bad for people who just wants to vent on each other posts, bitching around, expressing their bitterness, putting others down etc. So there is is a great chance for people making ‘misuse’ of the button. However, it may still be a good thing. A ‘dislike’ button could help you spot your haters, because if you see someone ‘disliking’ all your posts, he or she may just be a hater. I mean for what other reasons would they be following you, or keeping themselves in your friend list when they don’t like you or anything that your post or share?

It’s like the Justin Bieber haters. They are constantly following him, listening to his music, but they don’t like him. It’s like people following their exes. They are constantly spying on them, but allegedly, they don’t want anything to do with them. It’s like people in unhealthy relationships; living and sleeping on the same bed each night, but they want to kill each other.

So I’m curious to see how a ‘dislike’ button could possibly work out. After all, you should keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer. But unfortunately for all of you haters, don’t get your hopes up. Facebook will not create such thing as a ‘dislike’ button. You will not get the chance to ‘downvote’ other people’s post.  It will be more like an ‘empathize’ or ‘feel your pain’ button!

Danki pa “like i “share”. Mi ta apresiá mashá. Sinti bo liber pa laga bo komentario atras.]

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