‘Kibra Hacha’ i ‘Awa, Habon ku Past’i Djente’ a hinka Nadya van Putten den un kore kore!

Kantante i kompositor Lenny Kravitz, promé ku drumi anochi semper gusta pa hende lesa buki p’e. Lenny a tende di mi dos bukinan, esta ‘Kibra Hacha’ i ‘Awa, Habon ku Past’i Djente’ i el a pidi mi un kopia di kada. Lenny tabata ke spesífikamente pa Nadya van Putten trese e bukinan p’e. Aparentemente e gusta Nadya su kara, su kabei, su stèm i e aksènt ku e tin.

DSCN2952Nadya van Putten ta un antiano originalmente di Aruba ku tabata 10 aña aktivo den polítika na Hulanda den e partido GroenLinks. Mi a manda Nadya un mensahe bis’é ku Lenny Kravitz ta pidiendo p’e bai Aruba ku un ‘Kibra Hacha‘ i un ‘Awa, Habon ku Past’i Djente‘ p’e! Mas ku klaro Nadya no kier a kere mi, i mi mester a mustr’é e siguiente mail:

“From: LennyKravitz@gmail.com
To: Lionel_326@hotmail.com
Subject: Please send Nadya with your two books
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2015 14:40:57 +0100

Hey Lionel,

I heard of your two books. They look great man. I’m still learning the language of papiamentu so I can win Nadya van Putten over. But I have a wonderful idea, cause she’s still playing hard to get man! I ‘m currently staying in Aruba. You think you can get her to visit me for the weekend with your two books? Tell her I want her to read for me. I like her voice a lot. She got the sexiest voice and Aruban accent that melts me every time.

Please do this favor for me, and I’ll owe you big time! Let me know what she decides.


Ora Nadya a lesa e mail, mesora el a pasa serka mi, kumpra e dos bukinan pa Lenny, i sali pió ku Speedy Gonzales pa Aruba.

DSCN2632Mi ta spera Nadya sa ku Lenny no sa drumi ku niun pida tela na su kurpa. Anto lesando e dos bukinan ei, nan dos lo keda hinter anochi ta hunta eis na kurpa di otro.

Lenny Kravitz nakedMi ta deseá nan tur klase di éksito!

Kibra Hacha‘ i ‘Awa, Habon ku Past’i Djente‘ ta optenibel na Mensings’s Caminada na rason di 50,- i 45,- florin respektivamente òf bo por mail mi na lionel_326@hotmail.com i hasi bo petishon!

P’e hendenan ku ta for di Kòrsou, mi a krea e posibilidat pa bo por bestèl dirèkt for di e website ku ta drùk e bukinan. Mi ta atvertí bo ku si bo lesa un, lo bo haña gana di lesa e otro, pues lo kumbiní bo kumpra tur dos pareu pa bo spar sèn riba ‘shipping costs’!

Kibra Hacha: http://thebp.site/61822

Awa, Habon ku Past’i Djente: http://thebp.site/46125

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