20 things you should consider doing before you die!

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We all got one life and by all means we should live it to the fullest. The world is filled with fantastic things to do and you should not let fear stand in your way of doing anything.

I found 20 things that I’’ll go through right now to see which I’ve already done, and which I will definitely do before I die, (or at least wish to do) and which one I would never do!

1. Climb a mountain

Exer 8I already did this like a thousand times. And it’s not fun. Good physical training, but no fun!

2. Learn Salsa Dancing

before dying 1 Maybe with a hot Latina, or a very cute woman. I must like her a lot though, because dancing is not my cup of tea!

3. Skydive or a parachute

before dying 2Definitely gotta do this before I die. Actually I want to die doing something like this. I wonder if I can have sex while doing it…..hmm!

4. Fly in a helicopter

before dying 3Sounds like fun. I could do it. I’m not sure if I already did it…..I remember flying in something long time ago, Don’t remember what it was. I bet it would be more fun if I could fly the helicopter!

5. Learn Circus skills

before dying 4Hmm….I don’t know what for. I could learn some tricks though. It’s always fun to have distinct abilities!

6. Go bungee jumping

before dying 5A fat and resounding ‘YES’. Definitely! Who wants to go with me?

7. Go to a music festival

before dying 6I did it already, and I prefer not to do it again. Too many people, loud noise. I end up going home with a terrible headache, and feeling completely over stimulated. No, thank you!

8. Ride a motorbike

Before dying 7Now we are talking…..I already did it, and I’m dying to do it again at a super high speed. Hell yeah!

9. Watch solar eclipse.

before dying 19Already watched it and it’s too much excitement and drama for a 2 minutes thingy.

10. Ride a horse

before dying 8I think I already did ii. Don’t remember. Doesn’t look that much of a fun either. Unless the horse goes really fast!

11. Swim with dolphins

before dying 9Already did it….and I don’t like getting into water unless it’s for sex. So not looking forward to do it again.

12. Go to a World Cup football match

before dying 10It sounds fun, but I’m thinking…..’too many people’. I would prefer inviting 2 beautiful girls in hot pants over and watch it in the comfort of my own home!

13. Plant a tree

before dying 11Really? This is something I got to do before I die? I mean, I know it’s good for the nature and everything, but I’d prefer paying someone to do it for me.

14. Sleep under the stars

before dying 12I’ve slept everywhere….so this is literally a very stupid thing.

15. Take part in a marathon

Americans Meb Keflezighi, second from right, and Ryan Hall, center, lead the New York City Marathon, Sunday, Nov. 1, 2009. Keflezighi won the race and Hall was fourth. Kenya's Robert Cheruiyot, left, was second. (AP Photo/Henny Ray Abrams)I tried but I got tired and I went home…..oh wait, that was a triathlon. No marathon is not something I would do. With my lack of patience I will get bored for sure. And I don’t want to sound racist, but marathons and triathlons are things for white people!

16. Go sailing

before dying 14No, I don’t like going into or on the water. I would go on a Seadoo though, because it can go really fast. Sailing is way too boring. Surfing sounds better, but again….I don’t like going into water.

17. Take a hot air balloon ride

before dying 15Sounds like fun, as long as I don’t get bored up there. I get bored quite easily!

18. Sing to a live audience

before dying 16Already did it. I would do it again….maybe!

19. Appear in a film

before dying 17Hmm, if it’s a martial arts film, I would think about it. Oh wait….I already got an offer and rejected it. Stupid me. I should definitely get another offer. I think I would go for it now!

20. Test drive a Formula 1 car

before dying 18HELL YEAH! I would test drive it all day every day!

This list is a little bit boring. I’ll look for a more thrilling list later. In the mean time, which of these 20 things have you done already, and which one is definitely something you have to do before you die?

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