Steven Hawking done lost his mind for spending about 100 million dollars to look for Aliens!

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I honestly believe that Dr. Steven Hawking, considered one of the greatest minds of the 21st century, has lost his damn mind.

At the Royal Society in London, the famed physicist together with the Russian Billionaire Yuri Milner launched a $100 million initiative to search for what they called “signs of intelligent life beyond earth”, which basically means Aliens.

Yuri Milner and Steven Hawking

Yuri Milner and Steven Hawking

This 10 year project involves detecting and analyzing several billion radio frequencies with sensitive telescopes and advanced computer technologies. Scientists say the fact that humans use radio signals means other intelligent life may use them as well.

Steven Hawking thinks that if Aliens exist, we must know about it, because they could represent danger to human lives. Hawking believes that if Aliens exist, they may not be friendly to humans.

Hawking plans to search millions of stars across the entire Milky Way, and according to him, their detectors could sense some kind of air defense radars some 2000 light years away, which so freakishly far away.

Steven HawkingNow, Dr. Hawking, if you’re reading this please allow me to say that I’m quite impressed by the capabilities of your instruments and technologies. With that being said, my question to you is:
Have you lost your damn mind?

If aliens wanted us to know about their existence, don’t you think they would have visited earth for a meet and greet with us a long time ago? If they didn’t, it’s because they probably don’t want to meet us. Chances are, like you say, and I 100% agree with you….. they probably don’t even like us. Hell….even I don’t like humans. I bet millions of humans want to run away from other humans each and every day too.

Even U.S. planet hunter Geoff Marcy said that it is possible that the Milky Way galaxy may have other intelligent species, and they may be using spacecrafts and communicating with other colonies on other planets using laser. According to him, there is a great chance that they already know about us. So there you go. They already know about us, and they don’t like us.

So why in Jesus name would you spend about $100 million on such thing?

Just below this article on CBS someone wrote this comment:
“No other intelligent life form would be sending out signals to let the primitive, barbaric  Earth people know that they exist, or know where they are.  That would make them CRAZY.”

I agree 100%

Moreover, why do you care that they could represent a danger to us? We already kill ourselves every day. We should be concerned and scared of ourselves. The first and only specie that could make humans extinct……that’s us!

So please Dr. Hawking and Mr. Milner, take that 100 million and do something useful with it. If you have no idea on what to do with it, you can start by giving me $5 million. And then you can take the rest and feed some hungry children across the world with it. Thank you!

Source: Huffpost and CBSNews

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