With just a smile you can brighten up someone else’s day!

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What do I know about smiling? Well, to be honest, not so much. I do smile, it just happens often inside of my head. I forget to express it with my face sometimes.

It used to be like that, until I noticed how my frowns put worries into people. My frowns can even scare people. Scare them so much that they disappear for days, weeks, even months.

Now that’s both good and bad. It’s good to know I can scare people that much with just a dirty look, but it’s bad because I’m all for making up people’s day. Make them feel good when they are around me!

So wherever you are, please know I’m smiling at you, with you and to you!

They say laughing is contagious too. I’m not sure. Check out this video and let me know:

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