Man receives 1 million dollar in payment after being wrongfully jailed for 39 years.

An Ohio state man freed in November last year after spending a long 39 years in jail for a murder he did not commit, will receive more than 1 million dollar in payment from the state from wrongful imprisonment.

Rickey Jackon, 57 , leaving the courthouse in November 2014.

Rickey Jackon, 57 , leaving the courthouse in November 2014.

Ricky Jackson is the longest-held US prisoner to be cleared of a crime. After learning that he will be receiving more than 1 million dollar in payment Ricky’s reaction was humble:

“Wow, wow, wow, that’s fantastic, man. I don’t even know what to say. This is going to mean so much,” he said.

Now, you must be thinking “how can such a nice humble man be innocently accused of murder?”
Well as it appears to be, Jackson along with two other men has been convicted for murder in 1975 of Harold Franks, a money salesman in Cleveland area. A 12 year old boy said he saw the killing. That boy, Eddie Vernon, years later withdrew his testimony saying that he never saw a damn thing.

Other witnesses said that the then teenaged Ricky Jackson was on a school bus. Since there was no other evidence that links Jackson to the crime, he had to be cleared from all charges.

The other two men were also freed. One was freed after 27 years of imprisonment, and the other was freed soon after Jackson. It’s not mentioned if they had or will be receiving any payment.

Now, I don’t mean to be rude but ….if I was Ricky, I would take my money, hire a good lawyer, (just as precaution) and then pay a visit to that boy (who now must be 51) who said he saw me committing the crime…and I would punch that dude so hard that he would need straws to eat his next breakfast. That would teach him to never ever open his dirty mouth again to tell a lie.

Source: Reuters

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