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       Meet “Cuckoo Press”

After years and years of entertaining people on social media’s with news, humor, discussion topics and many more, we’ve come together to create a website to communicate to a bigger audience.

Our mission is to bring news to people in a  serious but yet different format, so they can be informed and at the same time be entertained. We take bad news and make it fun to people. (Well, not every bad news can fun, but we’ll do our best.)

Besides that, we do research, polls and start general topics for everybody to read and participate in them and consequently expanding their knowledge and network. Who are we?

We are Cuckoo Press

So what is Cuckoo Press?

Cuckoo is any of the numerous types of birds from the family Cuculidae. The family Cuculidae is worldwide, found in temperate and tropical regions but is most diverse in the Old World tropics. Cuculids tend to be shy inhabitants of thick vegetation, more often heard than seen.

These birds have an habit of repeating their call incessantly throughout the day for no specific reason. Therefore “Cuckoo” became slang in American English for “crazy”  in 1918 based in the behavior of the the Cuckoo bird.

Cuckoo Press got its name from this slang representing a “cuckoo” type of press, where news and events are posted incessantly throughout the day, but with a twist, so it’s doesn’t become as annoying to you as regular news from other local press. Instead you will be looking forward for the next cuckoo call!

“The cuckoo is a pretty bird, she sings as she flies, she brings us good tidings and she tells us no lies”!


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